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Our services

We manufacture and design versatile LED luminaires in Spain that adapt to any requirement.
We develop tailor-made luminaires for concrete solutions.

Technical consultants

ASN has a team of qualified and experienced professionals to provide an effective response to all the challenges that may arise.

We have the necessary knowledge to address any lighting requirement. We also use all the calculation tools to obtain simulations and offer a preview of the final result of the installation of our luminaires.

Business advice

At ASN we have upheld from our principles the idea of being a company focused on satisfying customer needs. For this reason, every product or service is designed to meet a need and obtain the optimal solution. Our commercial department is technically and commercially trained, so it will help you choose the best option for your project.

Financial advice

We carry out economic studies with extensive information that will help to decide the convenience of updating the lighting system to LED technology.
The studies detail:

  • Amortization of the initial investment for the change to LED technology.
  • Savings year to year to see the evolution of the investment.
  • Savings in CO2 emissions.
  • Savings in maintenance costs.
  • And more information of interest.

Light engineering

We offer complete lighting studies with information regarding the future result of the installation with our LED technology. Complete lighting studies complying with current regulations according to the characteristics of the space to be illuminated. We have the photometric files of all our luminaires.
The studios offer:

  • Description of the installation.
  • List of luminaires and location of light points.
  • Maintenance plans.
  • False Color Diagram.
  • Graphics of lighting results.
  • Uniformity values.

Product Engineering

We offer the possibility of having our team of engineers develop their own luminaire from scratch. Specific luminaires for specific solutions that require a non-standard product and designed exclusively for a particular purpose.

We also offer the possibility of modifying the wave spectrum of our luminaires to obtain different colors or light tones according to need.

Led Lighting Manufacturers

We design, develop and manufacture in Spain under European Quality standards and with guarantees according to the European Union.

Fabricación propia con ASN-LED

Own Manufacture

High quality and highly efficient luminaires. We use high quality components to obtain a high performance product. Specialists in great powers.

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Learn about all our current solutions available thanks to our services and in-house manufacturing.

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