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Linear 16W 24V



Solutions for air treatment

Traditional methods of disinfection of objects, for example, in medical laboratories, do not disinfect the air because microorganisms they float completely free. UV radiation is suitable for disinfecting air contaminated with free-floating microorganisms.

Natural air convection ensures that all air films are UV-C treated. Therefore, disinfection of the air leads to a considerable reduction in the level of germs. Consequently, the danger of airborne infection as the main cause of illness is eliminated.

Based on UV-C for surface disinfection, we will provide our customers with UV systems for air disinfection. Premium products will reflect the needs of our customers.


  • Fast and efficient disinfection
  • The smell and taste of the water are not affected by radiation.
  • Due to biological methods there is no ecological damage.
  • There is no danger of overdosing or underdosing
  • Low maintenance.
  • Low consumption.
  • Easy to handle
  • Less space required

Then the following benefits arise:

  • Considerable reduction of infections in medical departments (laboratories, operating rooms, departments for premature babies)
  • Safe disinfection of the food manufacturing place (bakeries, butchers, dairies, breweries, ...)
  • Significant reduction of infectious diseases in animal husbandry (eg young pigs and poultry farming)

Technical data

Disinfection of ambient air
Degree of disinfection of 88% about 100 m3
95% disinfection degree about 45 m3
Air circulation 87m3 / h
Length x width x height 870 x 100 x 100
Useful life UVC radiation 20,000h LM70
Radiation / Power 275nm 20W