We manufacture and design versatile LED luminaires which fit to every requirement in Spain. We develop custom-made luminaires to specific solutions.

Technical consulting

Asn has a team of qualified and experienced professionals to provide an effective response to every challenge that comes along.

We have the knowledge to deal with any lighting requirement. We also use all design tools to obtain simulations and provide a preview of the final result of the luminaires installation.
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Business consulting

Since our beginnings, at ASN we have maintained the idea of being a company focused on satisfying our customers needs. For this reason any product or service is intended to fill a need and get the optimal solution.

Our sales department is trained for technical and commercial demands, this will help you choosing the best solution for your project.
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Economic advice

We carry out economic studies with extensive information to help you decide the convenience of upgrading the lighting system to Led technology.

These studies detail:

- Amortization of the initial investment for switching to LED technology.
- Yearly saving to see the evolution of the investment.
- Savings in CO2 emissions.
- Saving in maintenance costs.
- As well as other relevant data.

Lighting engineering

We offer complete lighting studies with informations concerning the future results of the fixture with our LED technology. Comprehensive lighting studies in accordance with current legislation based on the space requiring to be lit. We have photometric files about all our luminaires.

The studies offer:

- Description of the installation.
- List of lights and location of points of light.
- Maintenance plans.
- Diagram of false colors.
- Graphics of lighting results.
- Values of uniformity.


Product engineering

We offer you the possibility to expect our team of engineers to develop your own luminaires from the beginning. Specific luminaires for special solutions that require a non-standard product designed exclusively for a particular purpose.

We also offer the possibility to modify the luminaire wave spectrum to obtain different colors or tones of light according to your needs.

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