Asn-led LED lighting manufacturer.

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Asn was created with the objective of contributing to a sustainable development within the lighting context.

Since its origins, quality and commitment have been a hallmark.

We develop and manufacture our products in our facilities located in Valencia and we offer technical support service in Madrid and Valencia.

Our team of engineers specialized in LED lighting technology is constantly developing new prototypes to continue offering high performance products.

Own catalog

Thanks to the different projects that we have developed, we have created a range of versatile products that enable to fit with any project obtaining an excellent lighting result and a great uniformity.

Development of luminaires and prototypes

In addition to a range of versatile products that suits any requirement, ASN develop specific luminaires for specific solutions that require a unique design that is fully adapted to a particular purpose. We also modify lighting spectra of the luminaries to create new colors and color temperatures of the light.


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